The majority of the signs of leukemia in children are caused by the lack of normal blood cells. This is because the cells that are creating blood in the bone marrow are overcrowded by the cancerous cells.

The leukemia cells could spread in other parts of the body as well and they could cause other symptoms. Nonetheless the majority of the symptoms aren’t caused by leukemia itself.

Tiredness and pale skin

In case of children it may be a sign of leukemia if they are tired, dizzy, weak or short of breath. At the same time, the skin and the gums could be pale.

Leukemia is a disease that affects mostly adults. Children can develop leukemia as well.

There are many different types of leukemia, but the most common of them is acute myelogenous. This type of leukemia has many names.

This disease has a few signs and symptoms which make it easier to diagnose. The reason symptoms occur in leukemia cases is that your body has a small number of blood cells which are healthy and many leukemia cells.

There are more than four leukemia symptoms, but these are the most common ones.

Leukemia is a disease that affects your blood and bone marrow. It is not a very common disease, but leukemia can be a very serious and severe condition. This disease can lead to death and treating your leukemia may be painful and hard.

In almost all leukemia cases, the first treatment phase is through induction chemotherapy. This particular leukemia chemotherapy has the role of bringing leukemia into remission.

This means that your blood counts go back to normal and the number of leukemia cells decreases considerably. This first leukemia treatment phase can be very intense and it lasts about one week.

Leukemia is a Greek word which actually means white blood. The diseases begin in the white blood cells of the patient, or in the bone marrow that produces white cells, spreading quickly throughout the body eventually affecting a lot of vital organs.

The vital liquid, that is blood, contains two major types of cells.

1. The first type would be the red blood cell, which is slightly bigger in numbers than the white cells. The red blood cells carry the much-needed oxygen from the body’s lungs to the organs (it also caries around nutrients).

Being a cancer of the blood cells, leukemia has several types, classified depending on how quickly they progress and what cells they affect.

White blood cells fight against infections.

Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs as waste but also give the red color to the blood.

Platelets form clots to control bleeding.

The blood also contains a fluid called plasma. The bone marrow, which is a spongy area located in the center of bones is responsible for producing these products.

Scientists and doctors, with the help of modern technology and state of the art technical equipment, have succeeded in finding somewhat of a cure for leukemia.

Pharmaceutical companies have come up with Gleevec, a promising new oral treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia patients. This type of cancer is one of the rarest and most life-threatening forms known to affect humans.

After three months of testing, the Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of this new medicine, in order to better fight leukemia.

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